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09 Mar 2018

On 9th March (Beijing time), FINA and Hosa held a press conference on strategic cooperation in Beijing. Under the cooperation between the two parties, Hosa will not only act as a title sponsor for the FINA Marathon Swim World Series as FINA’S official event partner for the next four years, but also give full support to the FINA Diving World Series as an official sponsor. Cornel Marculescu, the executive director of FINA, Zhan Shichang, an honorary treasurer of FINA, Zhou Jihong, the chairman of China Swimming Association, and Shi Hongliu, the chairman of Hosa International, attended the press conference.

As top water sports events in the world, both FINA Diving World Series and FINA Marathon Swim World Series enjoy great popularity around the globe with significant market influence. “The cooperation between Hosa and FINA in a wide variety of high-profile international events throughout the years not only achieved win-win cooperation in terms of brand effect and economic effect on both sides, but also vigorously promoted the flourishment of water sports all over the world. At present, the water sport industry in China is experiencing a stage with unprecedented room and unlimited potential opportunities for development. This opportunity is the core factor that facilitates the further cooperation between Hosa and FINA.” remarked by Shi Hongliu, the chairman of Hosa Group, when it comes to the original intention of Hosa’s sponsorship in such events.

As a matter of fact, the connection between FINA and Hosa dated back to the end of 2014. During 2015 and 2017, Hosa served as a title sponsor of FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup and a sponsor of FINA Diving World Series for three consecutive years. At the end of 2017, Hosa became the sole strategic partner for holding the first FINA World Aquatics Gala in China. “Based on previous cooperation and taking into consideration the future development, the two parties agreed to continue cooperation in the two events.” said Cornel Marculescu, the executive director of FINA. So far as FINA is concerned, Hosa, with both satisfactory development momentum in recent years and tremendous potentials for future development, is a desirable partner who has been providing strong support to FINA’s events at home and abroad over the past few years. FINA is also keen on developing exchange activities and cooperation with Hosa in a more extensive manner.

As a vast health industry group, Hosa is the first company to launch brand swimsuits in China and has been focusing on the water sports market and gradually securing a leading position in the field. In 2017, Hosa swimwear continued to occupy the first place in the national market of similar products in terms of comprehensive market presence. At the same time, Hosa is also the first enterprise in China to introduce international fitness club under chain operation model. It operates three brands with more than 150 fitness centres in nearly 20 cities across the nation, making it the leading fitness club in China. Swimming is an important fitness scheme offered by the club, which has been developing rapidly in recent years. In addition to providing health products and health services, through collaborating with various organizations including FINA in the past three years, Hosa has served as both sponsor and title sponsor for nearly 400 domestic and international swimming and diving events, including the 13th National Games Youth Team Competition and 2017 National Summer Swimming Championships. Hosa also served as the title sponsor for more than a dozen of provincial swimming teams in China by providing professional and all-powerful training equipment for each team.

Over the years, Hosa has always adhered to the mission of promoting a healthy lifestyle of sports and is committed to building a healthy ecosphere of sports by offering professional sports health products as well as sport health services. In the future, Hosa will integrate swimming, fitness and new retail on top of new generations and upgrades of technical approach so as to build a first-class intelligent fitness club and provide its club members with more value-added services. Focusing on the application of mobile internet and big data and taking major fitness strategy as core idea, Hosa actively promotes and enhances the consumption and vitality of water sports in competitive sports and mass sports through the three-in-one water sports service model of “users, venues and competition”. Shi Hongliu, the chairman of Hosa Group, said, “We possess advantages in water sports. On one hand, we give full play to the strengths of Hosa brand through various cooperation, sponsorship and title sponsorship and arrange more FINA’s activities and events in China, thereby supporting the widespread development of swimming campaign in China. On the other hand, under the current cooperation, Hosa will carry out more extensive cooperation with FINA in talent training, event organization, swimming training, etc., and will effectively promote and enhance the development and influence of water sports around the world.”

2018 FINA Diving World Series has begun its first-stop spectacular match in Beijing on the 9th, followed by Fuji in Japan, Montreal in Canada and Kazan in Russia. The opening of the FINA Marathon Swim World Series will take place in Doha, Qatar on 17th March, followed by Canada, Hungary, etc., of which two matches will be held in Chun’an, China and Taipei in September this year, with Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates as the place for final battle.


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